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    Vermont Trout Ponds:
A Personal Selection, Commentary, and True Stories

In The Company of Trout:
True Stories, Ruminations, and Vermont Guidance

           Two books offering information and
                 entertainment in equal measure

                  by Vermont author Peter Shea

   In the nineteen-eighties, Shea edited and co-authored the first editions of what became Vermont bestsellers and are now local angling classics:  The Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds, Vermont Lakes In Depth, and Vermont Trout Streams. 

   In The Company of Trout offers first-person tales, set at five of his favorite fishing holes -- presenting a more focused geography and a more personal look at his love affair with trout fishing – including his five killer flies (illustrated, along with tying instructions.)
 In addition to getting some tips on how and where to fish, you will learn how humbling it can be to fish with a six-year-old who is successfully taking large trout with fast-food chicken nuggets. Share his amazement when all of his flies were upstaged by a friend using a common kitchen utensil. You can also learn how to “fish ugly” with 'The Doctor,' a fly so big and heavy that there's no pretty way to cast it. Aside from a moment or two of poignancy, and some very serious fly-tying instructions, this collection of stories takes a largely light-hearted look at trout fishing in its glory, and sometimes its absurdity.

A view of Vermont's highest mountain from Sterling Pond, Vermont's highest trout pond.

 Vermont Trout Ponds: A Personal Selection, Commentary, and True Stories offers up a personal inventory of 20 lakes and ponds -- from places that are ideal to take the whole family, including young children, to the most remote and trailless fishing holes in the Green Mountain State. Whether driving or bushwacking the reader will encounter detailed directions to each of these places, as well as to noteworthy and adjacent angling opportunities.     
    All of the lakes and ponds are illustrated by maps, providing key angling and access information and, where useful, trail and campsite locations. Developed boat launches are depicted, and of the 21 maps provided, 13 offer depth chart information,  detailed enough to develop winning angling strategies. The fly-fishing angler will take a special interest in the flies referenced, and note in particular a few of the locations that host the exciting "hex hatch."
   Vermont Trout Ponds transports the reader to varied trout fishing locations, where Shea shares his personal encounters, and in typical fashion, shares a laugh or two.
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